Here are the two different ways you can let your readers choose which body type they want to play as. You can use labels and separate story lines, or you can use the "becomes" command so you can have 1 character and 1 story line.

2 Characters, 2 Story Lines

This template works exactly like the "Choose Your Gender" template, where you use labels to have separate story lines and use 2 characters (one character with the generic body type and the other with the plus size body type).

Very First Chapter

Chapters 2 and onward:

The "becomes" Command

This template allows you to keep using just one character and story line by using the "becomes" command. If you don't know the command, you can read more about it by clicking the below button:

Body Type Choice Template



The above command will make the generic character look exactly like the plus size character, appearance and outfit.

But it only makes them appear like the plus size character. This command does not change their body type. A generic female becoming a plus size female will ONLY make her look like the plus size character, but she is still technically the generic body type. This means you cannot change into a plus size outfit, otherwise you will get the "mixing body type" error message. 


If you're going to allow your readers to customize, you will have to use a customization template with a TWIN character added into the template. The "twin" character will be the plus size character, so that both the main character and the plus size character will get customized at the same time.

Twin CC Template:

How To Change Outfits

  • Every time you want to change outfits, you will need to change the plus size character into the plus size outfit first, then you will have to make the main character become the plus size character again.

  • You will need to use if/else every time your character changes outfits.