The Universal Avatar Creator​

@CHARACTER goes to character avatar

  • If you want to allow readers to customize a character, but don't want to add a template with 1000+ lines to your script, then you only need to use this 1 line command.

  • This is the same character creator that you use when you customize your profile avatar in the app.

  • Keep in mind that the avatar creator does not include all the newer features. The only way to have ALL features is to use my templates.


@CHARACTER goes to character avatar in [feature]

  • You can also add a specific feature to the code.

  • Specifying a feature will be the first feature your readers will see.

  • All other features will still be customizable.

  • If no feature is specified, the default is "bodyColor"

Available Features:

  • bodyColor

  • eyes

  • hair

  • eyebrows

  • mouth

  • nose

  • Face


The blow command will take the reader to the character avatar and the first feature they will see and customize will be the noses.

@DARA goes to character avatar in nose

Use a Reader's Profile Avatar

This can only be used for Limelight stories.

@CHARACTER becomes female profile 

@CHARACTER becomes male profile

  • You can import a reader's Limelight profile avatar instead of making the reader customize the character.

  • If a reader does not have a Limelight profile, or is not the main character's gender, the character then becomes the default Limelight avatar.