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This guide talks about the use of flags and the choice_name method, along with the points system. Click the buttons below to learn more about them.

The Use of if (flag_name) in Choices

  • You can enable or disable a choice button based on certain flags a reader has gained.

  • This means that if a reader has gained a flag, a choice button will be available for them to tap on. But if the reader has not gained that flag, then the choice button will not show up for them to tap.


"Option 1" if (flag_1) {

} "Option 2" {


  • Readers will only see "Option 1" if they have gained flag_1

  • If readers did not gain flag_1 then "Option 2" will be the only available option for them.

This coding also works for the "choice_name" method and the points system:

“Option 1” if (choice_name is “Option Title”) {
} “Option 2” if (CHARACTER=1) {

The Use of if ( [NOT flag_name] ) in Choices

*this coding only works with flags

  • If you want a choice option to be available if a flag has not been gained, you would use this coding:


"Option 1" if [NOT flag_1) {

} "Option 2" {


  • In the above coding, "Option 1" will not be available to a reader if they have gained flag_1

  • That option will only be available if flag_1 has NOT been gained.



It's the big moment, what are you going to do?



"Kiss him for the first time!" {

gain first_kiss

} "Back away" {



Then later on in the story...



He's leaning in for the kiss...!



"Kiss him again!" if (first_kiss) {

} "Get your first kiss!" if ( [NOT first_kiss] ) {

} "Push his face away..." {


  • In the example above, the "Kiss him again!" option will only be available if the reader gained the first_kiss flag. 

  • If the reader chose to back away in the first choice, then they did not gain that flag, so they will see the  "Get your first kiss!" option instead of the "Kiss him again!" option.

**Both if (flag_name) and if ( [NOT flag_name] ) also work with tapable overlays!**

Eliminating/Disappearing Choices

  • Here is how you can have choices disappear once they have been tapped on, then have the option to tap on more choices or to end the choice.

  • Here is how you can have choices disappear once they have been tapped on, then continue on with the story once all choices have been tapped on.

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