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Dara Amarie's templates and guides are 100% free for use. You do not need to email or DM me asking for permission to use any of my templates.


There are only three (3) rules and requirements you must follow if you use any of my templates:

Rule #1:

You must FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM account @dara.amarie.ep. (Of course this rule only applies to those who have IG accounts)

Rule #2:

You must GIVE CREDIT for every template you use in your Episode story. I have already added reader messages to all of my script templates that give credit to my instagram, SO PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE READER MESSAGE. If you don't want reader messages popping up in your story and you absolutely must remove them, then you must contact me via Instagram and ask permission to remove the reader message and instead give credit at the end of your story episode. End credits cannot be a choice or be skipped.


Rule #3:

You may edit/alter my templates if you'd like, however, you CANNOT CLAIM CREDIT for creating the template. Remember, I created the template and [you] only edited it. Therefore, if you choose to add [yourself] to the reader message, it must be something like this: "Template created by @dara.amarie.ep and edited by [your name]"

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