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Please support my help for this community by buying me a coffee! ❤️

I know that coding can be overwhelming, especially for new authors. You want to write a story, but coding is just too confusing. This is the reason why I joined this community in the first place. I dedicate my time creating templates and guides so that coding can be stress free for everyone. I also offer help for authors who have any questions regarding scripting, or if they have script errors they don't know how to fix.


I take pride and pleasure in what I do, but sometimes it does get a bit overwhelming, especially going through hundreds of messages a day and constantly updating templates.


(Please don't think this is me trying to charge users for using my templates and guides, because it is not. My templates and guides will always be free for all to use. I'm just simply asking for some support. Thank you!)

Now I have created this entire website with the help of everyone who has ever bought me a coffee. The funds I used to make this website happen are the same funds from my Ko-fi account. If you'd like to donate to this site to help keep it thriving, you can do so by continuing to support me by buying me a coffee!

Please provide your Instagram username and I will thank you on my Instagram story.

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