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Both of these female and male limelight customization templates contain the option to choose body type.

NOTE: This template uses the "CHARACTER changes into body" command. This does not show in the web previewer. You will need to test your story in the app to see these body type changes.

You will need to create a "bikini/shirtless" outfit for your character to change into for the body type choice so that your readers can preview the different body types. Under the Body section in the template, you will see "@CHARACTER previews outfit BIKINI/SHIRTLESS_outfit". Just change the outfit name to your own outfit name.

You must copy and paste the template into your script first!
Then you need to change the template’s character name to your character’s name.
Follow these instructions in order :

  1. Highlight “FEMALEAVATAR” or "MALEAVATAR" in your script

  2. Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard (Cmd + F for Macs)

  3. A small grey box will pop up, click on ALL first!

  4. Type in your character’s name in all caps

Common Errors:

"No eyebrows/body exist"
If you are getting an error message saying that “no eyebrows” or "no body" exist, these are the 3 reasons why you would be getting that error:

  1. The system does not recognize the character name. You either didn’t change the template’s name to your own character’s name, you misspelled your character’s name, or you have not created that character yet.

  2. You are using a male character in a female template (and vise versa)

  3. You are using an INK template in a Limelight story (and vise versa)


FEMALE Template Code:

MALE Template Code:

These are simple choice templates to let readers choose a body type without the full customization.

FEMALE Simple Choice Code:

MALE Simple Choice Code:

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