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An advanced dressing game that uses tappable overlays. Let your readers preview each outfit through the mirror before choosing which outfit to wear. There are three templates: a template for only 3 outfits, a template for 5 outfits, and a template for 10 outfits.


This dressing game uses 2 characters: your main character and a twin for the mirror reflection, so you will need to create the duplicate character.

You must copy and paste the template into your script first!
Then you need to change the template’s character names to your characters' names.

Follow these instructions in order :

  1. Highlight “CHARACTER” in your script

  2. Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard (Cmd + F for Macs)

  3. A small grey box will pop up, click on ALL first!

  4. Type in your character’s name in all caps

  5. Then hightlight "MIRRORTWIN" and change it to your mirror duplicate character's name.

As you go through the template, you will seea bunch of hashtags like this: #################

These are used to mark where the outfit name needs to go. Please change the outfit names to your own outfit names.

  • Note that "STARTING_OUTFIT" is the outfit your character is currently wearing and wants to change out of. (So if your character is waking up in their pajamas and wants to change for school, the "STARTING_OUTFIT" is the pajamas outfit)

Be sure to download the needed overlays for this dressing game and name them exactly how I named them. CLICK BUTTON BELOW!

This template also works in INK. You just need to change the Limelight animations to INK animations.

Three (3) Outfits Template Code:

Five (5) Outfits Template Code:

Ten (10) Outfits Template Code:

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