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Using "ui" to Pin-to-Camera

@ui OVERLAY_NAME create

@ui OVERLAY_NAME shifts to 50 100

@ui OVERLAY_NAME scales to 1.0 1.0

@ui OVERLAY_NAME opacity 1

  • You can pin an overlay to the "camera" where the overlay will stay on the screen in the same spot even in you pan to another zone or zoom into a spot.

  • To do this, use "ui" in place of the word "overlay"

  • A "ui" works in the exact same way as an overlay.

  • You can create it, shift it, scale it, change the opacity, clear it, and even duplicate it.

  • You can also use it for text overlays and for tappables.

  • Changing the background will remove the "ui" overlays just like with regular overlays.

  • "ui" overlays placed at top or bottom of screens will not be visible to readers using tablets.

  • You do not need to add a zone number to the "ui" shift command. ui's are defaulted to zone 1. Placing a ui in a different zone will make them be offscreen. Since ui's are "pinned" to the "camera", if you place a ui in a different zone, you will never see the overlay even if you pan or cut to the other zones.

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