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  • Regular Speech Bubble

For a normal speech bubble, use your character's name with this format in your script.


Dialogue here.

  • Thought Bubble

Wrap parentheses () around the dialogue to get the thinking bubble.


(Dialogue here.)

  • Narrator Box

Use NARRATOR or NARR to get a dialogue box with no names.


Dialogue here.


Dialogue here.

To have your character's name appear on top of the narrator box, add the name next to NARRATOR inside parentheses.


Dialogue here.

  • Toasters (Reader Messages)

To have a message drop down from the top of the screen, use the reader message command. This message appears for 5 seconds, then disappears.

readerMessage Message here.

readerMessage Message here. with messageTitle Title Here


Speech Bubble Placement​

You can change the size and place the speech bubble anywhere on the screen using this command format.

@speechbubble is x y to % with tail_position_direction

  • x y are the spot numbers which is where the bubble will be placed on the screen

  • % is the scale size of the bubble

  • tail_position_direction is where the tail/arrow that points to which character is talking.

    • "position" is top or bottom

    • "direction" is left or right

    • These are the 4 available tail placements:

      • tail_top_left

      • tail_top_right

      • tail_bottom_left

      • tail_bottom_right​

  • Use @speechbubble reset to reset the speech bubble.

  • When previewing your story, tap on "Show Helpers" then tap on "Speech Bubbles".

  • Tap on "Move" to move the bubble around the screen.

  • Tap on "Scale" to change the size of the bubble.

  • Tap on "Show/Hide" to either hide or show the bubble.

  • Tap on "Cycle tail" to preview where you want the tail to face.

  • The size and spot coordinates can be found underneath the web previewer. You can copy and paste the exact code into your script.


@speechbubble is 160 223 to 90% with tail_bottom_left

Tap to continue...

Set the speechbubble's scale size to 0% to make the speechbubble hidden. Readers will not continue on with your story until they tap the screen. This technique can be used to let readers view/read a background without having to use pauses in your scene.

@speechbubble is 160 160 to 0%

Don't forget to reset the speechbubble afterwards: @speechbubble reset

Choosing Speech Bubble Colors

From the portal, click on the "Speech Bubbles" button to choose between using Slate, Blue, Purple, or Pink.


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