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You can create your own custom texts out of overlays, and you can animate them in the same way as overlays. Instead of having basic dialogue in speech boxes, you can use overlay texts.

Here is the code:

@overlay OVERLAY_NAME create text Your text here.

It’s basically the combination of an overlay create command and a reader message command.

  • An overlay text is treated the same exact way as an overlay, so be sure to use the opacity command to make the text appear in your scene.

  • You can use any overlay you want, but the image of that overlay will not appear once you change it into a text overlay.

  • You can also use a non-existing overlay. You can just make up your own “overlay” name without actually using an existing overlay.

  • You can shift, rotate, and change the opacity of the text overlay.

  • You can use all text effects except for text animations.

  • You can add typed-in responses to the overlay text.

The "create text" command counts as the "create" command for overlays, so it must be the first command before the opacity, shifts, scales, and layer commands:

@overlay TEXT create text Hello everyone!

@overlay TEXT shifts to 130 25 

@overlay TEXT scales to 1.0 1.0

@overlay TEXT opacity 1

Here is the AMBULANCE overlay that I will be using for this example.

@overlay AMBULANCE create

Here is what the overlay will look like once I turn it into a text overlay

@overlay AMBULANCE create text Welcome to the party!


Use Text Effects! (excluding animations)

@overlay AMBULANCE create text |color:skyblue, underline , outline:blue| Welcome to the party!


Add a typed-in response!

@overlay AMBULANCE create text My name is [NAME] [LASTNAME]!

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