choice [timed:#]

"Option here" {


  • To make a choice timed, add [timed:#] next to the word "choice"

  • Replace # with however many seconds you want the timer to last.

  • The default timer starts at 15 seconds if no time is specified.

  • If the timer runs out and a choice has not been tapped, the very last option will be the default outcome.

choice [timed:#:placement]

"Option here" {


  • There are 5 timer placements: top, bottom, center, tail, and none.

  • top will place the timer above the speech bubble.

  • bottom will place the timer underneath the last option button.

  • center will place the timer between the speech bubble and the first option.

  • tail will place the timer on the speech bubble tail

  • none will hide the timer. You can also use "hidden" or "hide". (You can use none and have your own customized timer using overlays)

choice [timed:#:placement:Option]

"Option here" {


  • You can add one of the option names to the timed choice code. This means that if the timer runs out, that option will be the default outcome.

  • Please keep in mind that the "Option" needs to be spelled and written exactly how your wrote it for the option choice.



Which wire do you cut?

choice [timed:center:5:Blue wire]

"Red wire" {

} "Blue wire" {

} "Green wire" {


In the example above, the choice will be timed for 5 seconds and the timer will be shown in the center between the speech bubble and the choice options. If the timer runs out before anything is chosen, it will default to the "Blue wire" choice.