choice [timed:#]

"Option here" {


  • To make a choice timed, add [timed:#] next to the word "choice"

  • Replace # with however many seconds you want the timer to last.

  • The default timer starts at 15 seconds if no time is specified.

  • If the timer runs out and a choice has not been tapped, the very last option will be the default outcome.

choice [timed:placement:#]

"Option here" {


  • There are 4 timer placements: top, bottom, center, and none.

  • top will place the timer above the speech bubble.

  • bottom will place the timer underneath the last option button.

  • center will place the timer between the speech bubble and the first option.

  • none will hide the timer. (You can use none and have your own customized timer using overlays)



Which wire do you cut?

choice [timed:center:5]

"Red wire" {

} "Blue wire" {

} "Green wire" {