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To create a duplicate/twin character that looks exactly like the character your readers customized, use the below code after the customization template. This code will make the duplicate look exactly like the customized character.




WARNING: Only female characters can become female characters. Only male characters can become male characters. DO NOT have a male become a female or vice versa. This will completely mess up your characters if you try to change their features.

To have family members have the same skin color, hair color, eye color, or other features look like the customized character, use the "becomes" command above, then change the features you don’t want them to have the same using the below codes.

  • @CHARACTER changes bodyColor into Color Name

  • @CHARACTER changes eyebrows into Eyebrow Shape

  • @CHARACTER changes eyebrowsColor into Color Name

  • @CHARACTER changes face into Face Shape

  • @CHARACTER changes eyes into Eye Shape

  • @CHARACTER changes eyesColor into Color Name

  • @CHARACTER changes mouth into Mouth Shape

  • @CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Color Name

  • @CHARACTER changes hair into Hairstyle Name

  • @CHARACTER changes hairColor into Color Name

  • @CHARACTER changes nose into Nose Shape


Let's say I want to create a sister and have her look just like my main character, except have a different face shape, nose shape, and hairstyle. I would add the below codes after the cusotmization template.

@SISTER becomes DARA

@SISTER changes face into Square Defined
@SISTER changes nose into Round Button

@SISTER changes hair into Long Side Shave

Adding Characters to the Customization Template

1. To have an opposite gender family member look like the main character...

2. To have a twin change features at the same time as the main character...

3. To have a mirrored duplicate change features at the same time...

4. To have certain features match a certain skin tone... must add a character to the template and make them be customized at the same time.

@DARA stands screen center in zone 1

@BROTHER stands screen right in zone 2


What skin tone would you like?


"Neutral 04" {

@DARA changes bodyColor into Neutral 04

@BROTHER changes bodyColor into Neutral 04

} "Neutral 05" {

@DARA changes bodyColor into Neutral 05

@BROTHER changes bodyColor into Neutral 05

} "Neutral 06" {

@DARA changes bodyColor into Neutral 06

@BROTHER changes bodyColor into Neutral 06


...and so on.

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